Our Services

Doorstep Veterinary Care offers a wide range of veterinary services for our patients. Just a few of our wellness and preventive care services are listed below. For more information on these or other services, please call (703) 304-2684

WELLNESS EXAMS- Wellness, Sick and Dental

We are committed to practicing preventative care. Even if your pet seems healthy, annual wellness exams are crucial for catching any abnormalities early on, and to stay on top of dental/oral health, and nutritional and weight management.

Most dogs and cats tend to hide their symptoms when they are not feeling well. With a pet wellness exam, we assess oral health, listen to the heart and lungs, and palpate all over the body to make sure everything feels normal.

When abnormalities and illness are detected early, we can sometimes manage and treat conditions in aim to avoid extensive and long-term costs.

VACCINATIONS- Preventative Care

Core vaccinations for Dogs (Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella) and Cats (Rabies, Distemper) are recommended annually to prevent the development of common diseases.

Recommendations for lifestyle/non-core vaccination protocols for both dogs and cats (Canine Influenza/Flu, Leptospirosis, Lyme, Feline Leukemia) can be determined based on the age, activity/exposure and risk of each pet.


We recommend annual parasite and wellness screenings such as fecal, heartworm/tick and FeLV/FIV testing.

We also recommend annual blood and/or urine testing (depending on the age of your pet) to further assess the liver, kidneys, white blood cells, red blood cells, electrolytes, thyroid and glucose levels, and whether or not there is any concern for underlying heart disease.

EYE, SKIN AND EAR CONDITIONS- Management and Treatment

We can diagnose and treat minor/non-surgical eye, skin and ear conditions/infections. We can also manage and provide recommendations for potential underlying environment and food-related allergies that may be causing recurrent issues with your pet’s ears, skin and eyes.

PARASITE CONTROL- Monthly Preventatives

We offer deworming medication for the prevention and treatment of intestinal parasites. We also offer monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventatives. Please keep in mind dogs need to have a negative heartworm test every year for continued dispensing of a heartworm preventative.


We can only honor prescription refills after a physical exam has been performed on your pet.

If you have records from another veterinarian showing proof of previous prescriptions, we will gladly honor your request.

Use Clinic ID: R8SAJ to create a Purina ProPlan Direct Home Delivery account

END OF LIFE SERVICES- Euthanasia and Cremation

It’s never an easy process to decide when, or if, it is the right time. If you are unsure of your pet’s physical health status and quality of life, we can assess your pet and provide guidance and recommendations. If you elect humane euthanasia of your pet, this service can be provided conveniently in the comfort and security of your home, to avoid any further stress and anxiety. Afterwards, we also provide transport of your pet to a local crematorium for individual or group cremation services.

MEDICAL MANAGEMENT OF CHRONIC ILLNESSES- Lab Testing, Medical and Nutritional Care

We can further evaluate (with blood and urine testing), medically manage and provide nutritional recommendations for underlying systemic illnesses such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid disease, endocrine and immune-mediated conditions.

We can also provide referral recommendations for further consultation, diagnostics and care by a veterinary specialist.